The Long Night

Forming the Party
In which the story begins and our heroes meet.

An Unexpected Alliance
In which the heroes find new friends in a surprising place.

Clan Warfare
In which the heroes make good on their deal, and start to focus on the shared enemy. The Orc Menace.

First Blood
In which the heroes hatch an ingenious plan and attempt to take victory from the maw of defeat.

Being Crafty for Fun and Profit
In which the heroes one up their previous gambit, and take a critical step in bringing the Orc threat to heel.

The Wizard’s Quest
In which the wizard Oldric told the heroes the potential scope of the threat they all face, and of the ailment Oldric needs to be cured of. And the heroes find a potential solution, albeit a dangerous one.

Return to the Tower
In which the heroes win their prize and return to find Oldric at death’s door. Soon after they leave the Tower to bring the fight to the Orcs.

Music is the Spice of Life
In which the heroes encounter an excentric and unexpected ally.

Before the Storm
In which the heroes make a covert journey to their final destination, the cultist camp from which this entire catastrophe could spill forth. Solutions are found, as is a mysterious creature.

Deus Ex Tenebris
In which the heroes face off against the Orc cult to an unknown God and face a panoply of mortal dangers.

The Long Night

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