Brief History of Osnain

The history of this setting is sorted into Epochs, with each Epoch having its own history and events. Most Epochs are seperated by turning points; shifts in the workings of the world or of its people. One such transition marks the beginning of the Years of Blackened Sky, also known as the The Long Night. During this period of time the Sun, the giver of life and light, was obscured from the sky. Day was a twilight, and night was a tenebrous hell.

Another such transition is the overthrow of the Elder Race, those beings who came before the mortal races and are said to have dominated the primal creation. Little is known about these beings, as there was a concerted effort by the first of the mortal races to wipe the accessible remnants of their civilization of the face of the world. What is known is gleaned from the creation myths of various civilizations of their contemporaries and those civilizations’ descendants.

The First Epoch

The First Epoch was claimed solely by the Elder Race. It is said that the Gods first made these creatures to tend to creation. But their power came with the consequence of hubris and avarice. Myths speak of their growth throughout creation, and how they fought against long caged enemies of the Gods. This resulted in the expulsion of the Elder Race from the Primal Creation.

The Second Epoch

The Second Epoch was defined by war between the Elder Race and the Gods, during which both sides created the mortal races as weapons of war. This culminated with the majority of the mortal races, including those that were created by the Elder Race, defeating the Elder Race through sheer numbers.

Brief History of Osnain

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