Tales of Osnain

Chapter Eight
Music is the Spice of Life

In which the heroes meet a potential ally, who aids the heroes in a difficult situation

The party begins to set up camp for the night and notices something strange. A two-tailed fox perched in a tree watching them quizzically. Yoris knew that it wasn’t a native creature. Ral’zier noted that it had a collar and surmised that the owner must have been killed by the Orcs.

Yoris, sharp-eared as ever, faintly heard a snapping twig in the surrounding woods. He went to go investigate, passing it off as needing to “take a leak”. As Yoris searches for the source of the noise, not finding the source at first, the fox starts to yip at Ral’zier. And soon both Yoris and Ral’zier start to hear babbling in their ears.

Ral’zier drew his sword and shouted a challenge at the mysterious source of the illusions, “Who’s there?”. As he shouted to the sky, the fox vanished in a puff of smoke. “Nobody”, the voice replies. Ral’zier and Yoris start to search the area for the source of this mind fuckery. Yoris searched low, and Ral’zier climbed a tree to get a higher perspective.

A flash of light, a puff of smoke. A young half-elven man walks out of the plume of smoke; declares that the entire episode was quite amusing.

The young man appears to be in his mid-twenties and roughly five foot tall. Dressed in lavish but battle ready clothes, he strode near the fire pit and knocked a log with his boot. With a rapier and violin at his side and a bow strapped to his back, this man seems to be an interesting character indeed. Perched on the man’s shoulder is a small two-tailed fox with a collar, attached to which is a small coin purse.

After a rocky start, in which the stranger demonstrated bravado and a smidge of arrogance, the party decided that this individual might be of use to the cause of bringing down the Orc Threat. After some introductions, the party and Snow agreed to travel together.

Quite soon after, almost as soon as they shook hands, the ground began to rumble underneath Ral’zier and Snow. A hungry, razor filled maw breached the ground underneath and attempted to swallow Ral’zier whole. It snapped at him, as he deftly jumped out of it’s sharp grasp. The party began to fight a Land Shark, a dreaded Bullette, although its thick armored hide proved to deflect missiles, punches, and firebolts alike. Snow started to bolster his newfound allies with words of encouragement and distraction. With his aid the band of heroes brought low this nimble behemoth.

After finishing the beast the party and their new ally had supper, patched themselves up with Snow’s healing magic, and started to chat among themselves.

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Here is the adventure log of the current campaign, The Long Night. Each log is the culmination of a few sessions, usually descriptions of events. Roleplaying Moments are detailed in separate entries in the wiki.


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