House Rules

Respect the GM
Any disrespect will result in losing half of your current hit point total, or half of that day’s experience; at the GM’s discretion.

Fall Damage
falling.gif You can fall up to your dexterity score in feet without suffering damage. Use half this distance for unintentional falls. In excess of this distance, you must make an acrobatics check. The DC of this check is equal to the number of feet beyond the safe distance you fall. Making this check negates all damage. Failing this check causes you to take an amount of damage equal to half of the total height fallen, rounded up. Depending on the circumstance, results within 1-2 of this result would merely result in a rolled ankle.

potion_by_markusthebarbarian.jpg The strange ingredients and unusual energies used in creating potions can result in unpredictable interactions when mixed with other concoctions. If a character mixes a potion with another they can combine their effects into one concoction; thereby making a potion more versatile and effective in the stress of combat.

If a character mixes two potions externally or drinks a potion too soon after another; the GM rolls on the Potion Miscibility table. While combining two potions is usually a low risk, an admixture of three or more is quite unstable.

In addition, a potion may be drawn and imbibed as a bonus action. Administering to another person is an action.

sword_saint_by_wynniemaru.jpg Attuning to an item during a short rest does not automatically give you information about the item. While this rule from the book is very expedient, I am personally not a fan.

Instead of giving advantage, inspiration grants a bonus +1d4 that can be added to any attack, saving throw, or ability check.

House Rules

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